I'll put you in an infirmary

Yeah, a bare-knuckle fucking fight, yeah, come on!

Why are you posting this when there is already a

Fighting Talk Thread

that I made just one day ago (yesterday)

Probably assumed it was about the Radio 5 show

Do you know who I am?

Ronnie Pickering?

Look, well you will when I fucking–when you pull up!

Once told someone they could leave on their own two feet or in a fucking* ambulance, and that I didn’t care which
worked tbh


That is VERY cool tbf

(Unless it was an elderly Nan or something)


Royal infirmary, Leicester?
For an unwanted circumcisions?
Get my cheque for 20k ready b

Paramedic career never really took off eh?

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Ronnie fucking Pickering

Best bit of that video is where the moped man says: ‘you’re big and hard’ and RP replies: ‘yeah, for you!’


Shouting “who?” when the opposition bring a sub on

  • Sexy
  • Mischievous
  • Sexy and mischievous
  • Neither sexy nor michievous

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I hope you like eating your meals with straws because that’s what will happen after this, your last solid meal, which is a knuckle sandwich