"I'll tell you why you're wrong..."

A fun game for the whole family.

Someone makes a statement. It’s then up to someone else to tell that person why they’re wrong. The response must start with the words “I’ll tell you why you’re wrong.”

I’ll start.

“There are no more Dutch Elms in the UK.”


-------THREAD CLOSED-------

It was fun while it lasted.

Thanks everyone.

Especially you, @epimer - My rock; The music of my spheres.

i’ll tell you why you’re wrong, because brexit meats brexit and all those dutch elms can fuck off


Well played. It’s your turn now.

no one will notice if I leave work early

japes, do you say rang in stead of wrong?

I’m trying to keep my glasgow based posting at around 20% this week.

I’ll tell you why you’re wrong

we will :’(


I’ll tell you why you’re wrong, because you’re an integral part of the business or company that you work for and are loved throughout the whole business or company.

I’ll tell you why you’re wrong: They will.

Isn’t this fun.

moonlight should win best oscar

I’ll tell you why you’re wrong
The best film rarely wins the Best Picture Oscar

It’s easy to build your own ladder, and the raw materials cost less than you’d pay for a high street ladder.

It’s a good reason it won’t but not why it shouldn’t

Oh you’re good at this.

OK, I’ll tell you why you’re wrong.

Arrival should win because original genre features never do.

I’ll tell you why you’re wrong
Moonlight doesn’t look right on the Roll Of Honour immediately after Spotlight


no I say wrong. your soft southern ears may hear it pronounced differently however.

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Jeremy Corbyn will never be Prime Minister

I’ll tell you why you’re wrong, maggie thatcher makes a terrific halloween costume

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the new drownedinsound forums will overtake twitter in the number of users by 2020