Illegal shit you used to bring back from your holidays/school trips in your teens

Flick knife from France
Bangers (oi mate, if you put 12 of these together it is the same as a 1/4 stick of dynamite)
Fake clothes
Hooky CDs


Didn’t go on any :frowning:

Jim brought a porno back from Aachen

We only ever went to mining museums and that viking place in York.


Oh yes, I picked up some flesh mags too.

So if you put 48 together it’s a full stick. Maybe your school should have focused more on maths than wasting money on trips.

Bless you


Nobody would be stupid enough to carry 48 bangers at once!


big knife
dodgy cassettes (in both senses - one was Poison’s Flesh & Blood :grimacing: )
so many bangers

Oh yeah tobacco, used to bring back snus after visiting my relos.

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Well this is pretty damning

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Cracking album (at the time).

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We went and stayed in France in Year 8 and we all bought the usual shit, mainly flick knives.

The teachers cottoned on and started doing the rounds, going to each dorm room to inspect our bags and confiscate everything.

My mate Dan absolutely shat himself. His parents were strict and he could NOT be seen with a flick knife, it’d be the end of him.

A knock at the door came. It was Mr Atkinson. He was here to collect the contraband.

Dan freaked out and decided that being caught with the knife was too risky, so he pegged it to the balcony and launched it into the field opposite the hotel.

As the knife left his hand he heard a loud ‘WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING, MR SHEPPARD?’ from the next balcony.

It was Dr Michaels, the vice principle.


you know when you think ‘oh I’ve got a good anecdote that fits this thread well’ and then halfway through typing it you lose faith in it entirely? that.


Classic Jim

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Naa, quite enjoyed that. Classic bants. :smiley:


Dr Michaels forced Dan to go rooting around in the long, wet grass outside until he found the knife. Dan was 13 and thought he was gonna tell his parents, so he came back into the hotel with the knife completely sodden and with tears rolling down his cheeks. How we laughed!

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Switchblade and fire crackers from France :+1:

Classic Dr Michaels.


Was Mr Sheppard another teacher?

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