Illegal shit you used to bring back from your holidays/school trips in your teens

During our GCSEs all of the underperformers (including yours truly) were given ‘special friends’ that we had to report to each week and update them on our coursework, revision etc. Mine was Dr Michaels. I was shitting it cos he was super strict and scary and was seemingly devoid of fun or whimsy, but we ended up talking about music each week instead of school. Turns out he followed The Jesus and Mary Chain around on tour when he was younger. To this day it remains the most surprising backstory I’ve learned about someone.

Why am I still typing


I enjoyed this little story. Don’t be so hard on yourself.


Never went abroad until I was 19

French exchange - can’t afford it
German exchange - can’t afford it
Ski trip to Yugoslavia - can’t afford it

My older sister did the German exchange & French exchange though. She probably either spoiled it for me or I spoiled it for myself by trying to get off with the German exchange girl & the French exchange girl who stayed at our place

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These are good anecdotes


My friend used to get bangers every year. Big ones too. could blow up a watermelon.

Went to visit my godparents in Holland when I was 15 and I took some weed home in my parents car (took the ferry).

Remember one French trip and being told we weren’t allowed to bring fireworks back. Gary bought an ED-209 toy and it came with caps. We convinced Gary that caps were considered to be fireworks and that he was taking a BIG risk. Anyway, when our coach was randomly selected to be searched at customs Gary was absolutely shitting it and we were creasing up. Classic bantz!


I just brought back Zeboa Le Serpent sweets which were fine.

My brother bought a massive knife back from Austria when I was younger. Was petrified for months that we were gonna get raided by the police or something.

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Just remembered the time I went on a school trip to France and the guy sat next to me had forgotten his passport. Was shitting it but some guy just stuck his head in our coach and just sort of nodded “C’est bon”. Wouldn’t happen these days, that.


Used to stock up (two packets) on Camels from the supermercado vending machines to sell to hot boys in the year above me back in school.

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I bought a gold armadillo from the geology museum

Don’t think it was actually gold though.

Legality: uncertain

Nothing. I was a right boff at school

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Not me and not a school trip but my dad’s mate used to be in the merchant navy and got booted out of the old soviet union for stealing icons from a church. Can’t believe they didn’t gulag him tbh (actually I’d have wanted him out as quick as poss too)

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what the fucks a banger?

any carly rae jepsen song


Whoa! What were you calling them on the Isle?



The most illegal thing I did on a school trip was use proxy websites so I could get onto Facebook when I was in China. Extremely easy, but they would block the ones we were using every few days so we kept having to find new ones. What an absolute fucking badass :eyes:

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