illuminati hotties

Word - it kills an otherwise great song. Want to give him the benefit of the doubt by assuming it’s actually wry and charming if you get all the cultural references, but suspect it might really just be a painfully misjudged attempt at humour.

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Dropped this album already - so disappointing VS Free IH :frowning:

Always scenes when a top band comes to Oxford :smiley:


I really love this album. I like how borderline annoying it is.


my favourite bit is still her going HAM at the end of track 2, it is probably the most joyful thing i’ve heard this year, and is probably the thing most likely to put other people off ha

Big fan of the loud mid-8 in Knead where she’s singing “Your” but phrases it so it sounds like “Yo Ho”.

Big fan of all of it tbh. Such a good album.


It’s a classic tbf

Edit: whoops