I'm 24 hours into a 14 day quarantine in a Shanghai hotel, AMA (Ask Me Anything)

Don’t know how much traction that this will get but thought it might be fun.
Bit of context - arrived from the UK yesterday for a job starting next month, got shuttled from the airport straight to the hotel, here for the next 2 weeks.
I might end up answering questions at a weird time given the time difference, but I’ll try and reply to everything!


does the water in the toilets swirl clockwise or anticlockwise?


What snacks do you have available?

Kill Jester


Is this a euphemism?

Is this at your cost, the company who’s employing you’s cost, or the government’s cost?

pics of hotel room
Are you alone?
Are you allowed out at all? Like downstairs for a cig or something

What’s on telly?

What do you reckon you’ll do next Tuesday?

How many wanks do you estimate you’ll get through in 14 days?

Log them and compare with your estimate


How’s the food? Are you able to order food to your room from external companies?

Will you have to self isolate for a week after this?

What are the entertainment options like? Do you have a good book with you?

I’ll go and check now.

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2x bags of Walkers Sensations honey roasted peanuts (worst flavour) and 1 tub of Boots multivitamins.

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I feel like just saying “No” was too blunt but I didn’t know how else to reply :grinning:

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I’m paying upfront but I’ll be reimbursed by my company when I start to work.

What websites can you no longer access because they are blocked by the Chinese government?

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I’m ashamed but this was my immediate question idea too


Are the Chinese actually a great bunch of lads?