I'm a big fan of a builder's tea

But I wish they’d stop taking time to bring me one every hour, they never make the time up. My extension is never going to get finished at this rate


Yeah, this is the good stuff

It is mate but every hour though? I want that extension for the summer!

Oh sorry, I meant that the thread is really good. Sorry about the extension delays

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Teas pretty shit really isn’t it.

No, Its better than beer.

Need a Tea Wankers thread imo

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Season 2 Omg GIF by BBC Three

None of the milk alternatives really suit tea. I can sit here and pretend oat does, and it’s closest to being nice, but it’s not tea at that point really.

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Why do tea people always leave the used bags in places that aren’t the bin?

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Fully with you on this, even the people who’ve managed to elevate past the sink seem to keep a dish of used teabags for no reasons.

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i put my teabags straight in the bin and i will fight anyone who says otherwise


No you don’t

how dare you

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Stops the bin from getting warm and humid when chucking teabags in there. That’s my reasoning at least

Which bin?

the green bin, as per the instructions of stockport metropolitan borough council

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They probably know what theyre doing

There’s a nice bloke from overseas at my workplace.

Tea isn’t a common drink from where he’s from and the milk “before or after” debate was an eye opener to him as well as the concept of biscuit dunking.