I'm a big fan of New Order and The Cure etc, BUT

what is it about these mid-80s bands, or that whole mid-80s period, that some people can’t seem to move beyond it? It seems to inspire an obsessiveness that you never really see with any other time period or genre or cluster of bands.

Don’t think that’s true - lots of people just get stuck on the music that was around when they were 12-20. I don’t think that’s any more true of the 80s than any other period.

I do think the 80s probably have a particular pull for alternative music fans because it was a really fertile time for all sorts of alternative genres. Even people who weren’t teenagers in the 80s will probably have investigated it if they get into any of those genres.

If you mix with a lot of alternative music fans of the right sort of age the 80s will loom large.


I take it you don’t know any punk or northern soul fans?


Oh and people that say they’re into “proper metal”?


but do fans of proper metal obsess solely over stuff from 20 years ago or do they seek out new music?

The ones that are into stuff like maiden are definitely in the former


I don’t know anyone that does this. Are you talking about a specific person or people that you know?

Hmm there’s a bit of that but I reckon it’s far more prevalent with Britpop shite


Clearly you didn’t go to one of the stone roses reunion gigs and realise who the fuck kept buying courteneers and other similar proper music proper lads bands.

Used to know a guy who we would joke was permanently stuck in 1995.

Have you ever met a babyboomer or an aging punk?


I think the 80’s was a melting pot of genres. More so clearly with New Order than The Cure. For New Order to effectively create the fit from Joy Division to Acid House for example. Once that blending of genres be that Anthrax and Public Enemy or whoever has happened it’s done forever. I kinda feel the 80’s was just well placed to mix everything up in a good way and see the emergence of people / artists just start really experimenting and using tools such as turntables and beatboxes as instruments forging new patterns of creativity.

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There can’y be many people that just listen to one genre of music.

There are loads.

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not really anything to do with the topic but one thing I’ve noticed when I go to gigs of 80’s and early 90’s stuff, a lot of the original era fans are so laddy, just seems a weird fit to music that is quite arty

bit like the bands themselves eh, have lost all their mystique and have turned out to be giant racists/louts


I noticed it most at a slowdive gig, beered up middle aged men pushing their way to the front like they’re at an oasis gig, the people who first went to the front of the aisles for mbv last night too

I must know only open minded people then.

Aside from Morrissey who do you mean?

I’m astounded by that.

Only reason i can think is maybe because these are bands that get lauded in Q land and are guitar bands maybe you get generic boozed up middle aged blokes wanting some Oasis style rock?


you read Peter Hook’s autobiography?