I'm a bit Marmite

I’m great on toast but bad in a sandwich or on a cracker or whatever



sorry I was shouting

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I wonder why that is the case, never really thought about it much but it really is the case.

Never apologise for anything ever again

Who on earth thinks marmite is good on toast, but bad in a sandwich? That’s a baffling stance!

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It is? I haven’t tried it, but my imagination taste buds aren’t enjoying it

but I love apologising

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basically a twiglet

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Do you have an example of a good marmite sandwich recipe? I am open to having my mind changed

shocked jurassic park GIF

By god you’re right

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I really want to try this now

Marmite & red Leicester with baby leaf salad :+1:

I’m a by-product of beer brewing

What kind of bread?

You’re not allowed to do it EVER again

A good farmhouse wholemeal loaf ideally.

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Hmm, I’m still not convinced, but maybe

Actually don’t think marmite is good for anything except toast now you mention it.
Someone can say that it’s good to put a spoonful in bolognese or something now if they like

I’ll take maybe. Better than a dismissal tbh.

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