I'm A Celebrity 2018


Surely I’m not the only person watching??

Don’t normally watch but fully here for Anne Hegerty, Harry Redknapp and Noel Edmonds cohabiting. Very excited.


You forgot Knowles with his acoustic guitar and bootcut jeans. I’m all in for this Edmonds ranting against the BBC, Redknapp being interviewed from a car window. All the while it being some sort of ColdWar Steve come to life.

1st thought how red is Barrowman’s face.


Enjoying Harry Redknapp so much already


Like that he feels awkward about hugging. I couldn’t hug someone I didn’t know.


“I thought there was a van round the back where you could get a bacon sandwich” :smiley:


Fantastic cast tbh


Bet I come out of this really liking Nick Knowles


How the fuck is barely anyone on here watching this series??? You guys are missing out on TV gold here.

The Governess and Fleur East dressed as elves
Emily Atack getting through being in a tank full of snakes and water for 5 minutes by daydreaming about starting Christmas dinner with a cheeseboard and Holly Willoughby being very offended
Harry Redknapp emptying dunnies very happily
Harry Redknapp’s stories generally

Also the Yellow Team being really lovely and accommodating of Anne’s autism is properly heartwarming. Like they’re going the extra mile and doing everything they can to make her feel comfortable, great stuff.


I’ve been half watching it. If Redknapp keeps on delivering I may give it my full attention. Or if Edmonds goes Full Lloyd’s Bank mental. I’d watch that too.


Im enjoying it so far. Top 4:
Harry redknapp
Rita Simons
Nick Knowles


I’m ready for Edmonds hopefully arriving in a Qpod with Mr Blobby.

Redknapp is quality. Is his autobiography any good cause he spins a good yarn?




I’ve met him a few times IRL, I bet you don’t.


not watching but just here to say I’ve always fancied Rita Simons


REALLY UPSET WATCHING ANNE IN THE BUSHTUCKER TRIAL :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: Twitter is almost universally supportive which is nice/rare

Harry and John’s bromance is the most pure thing in history


Think everyone is coming over really well rn


“Biffy Clyro are Nick Knowles’ back-up band” :joy:


Best series of this for ages





I’m watching.

I really dislike Noel Edmonds but I’m not sure if that’s just because I hated Deal or no deal