I'm A Celebrity 2018


The man hangs around with a mannequin doll that he released a single as blamed a guys cancer on their negative energy, laughes at a disabled child on DOND. It will be an experience if nothing else


Nope it’s not just your hatred of Deal or No Deal. From the Crinkley Bottom theme park fiasco, his car company, the cosmic ordering bollocks he is terrible.

I’m personally upset that he hasn’t entered astride a black horse that he then kills while shouting “Where’s my money?”


Oh yeah, the bloke’s an abomination even aside from Deal Or No Deal (shite, although nicked the title for an excellent homemade drinking game that I play with Countdowners).

That said, here is a picture from 10 years ago of me attempting to seduce a cardboard cut-out of him in Hastings Arcade:


Good to see that DiS’s general anti celebrity ethos is mirrored by the paltry replies to this thread.

mutes thread


Watched the last haf hour tonight. Didn’t seem all that entertaining until EDMONDS.


don’t let the door hit you on the way out!! xoxo


The Emperor*


I wonder how many gunge fetishes noel awakened.


That reveal was unbelievable


He’s insisted on this entrance hasn’t he the terrifying weirdo


Harry redknapp just walking in on noel in the camera room and the camera zooming out :joy: :joy: :joy:


Ssssh, don’t blow the big end-of-season piece!


I’m loving this so much.


Its absolutely delivering


Surely ColdWarSteve’s finest work to date:


Harry and Sandra are my OTP

Apart from Harry and John

And Harry and Jermain Defoe


And Harry and Niko Kranjčar


Anne, James and Nick are a lovely combo


Noel Edmonds is handsome as an emperor just me


Missed the last 2 nights how good has Edmonds been? Do I need to go back and watch the last couple of nights?

Has he mentioned HBOS yet or his orbs?