I'm A Celebrity 2018


He has been unbelievable


Also annoyingly, when he isnt playing up, he is coming over quite well. Still potential for a mental outburst though


It’s only a matter of time.




I want Harry on every TV show forever.


With pigs dick dripping all down his face.


Harry has been absolute gold - funny and complete gent at the same time.

Great to see Anne smash it during the live trial.

Slightly upset with myself, didn’t expect Edmonds to be so engaging…

James, Sair and Malique are a bit beige, especially within camp but it’s been a great first week - the trials have genuinely been engaging. Think they’ve refreshed them a little for this year. How about that snake that took on Emily!


Edmonds is becoming the annoying idiot I was hoping for. He’s building to his orbs.


Edmonds is a bit rude on occasion, puts me on edge slightly. And when he does the thing where he thinks he’s just having a laugh but it’s too intense/aggressive, “what do you think!?” etc


Sair is so pretty :sob:

Loving Harry, and I despised him as a football manager. Really enjoying the series so far, but it’s my first in over a decade. Not sure how it would be if I’d seen people eating knobs and bollocks every year.


Nick Knowles is becoming a right pain.

  • Ant n Dec
  • Holly n Dec

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Ant n Holly?


Ant n Dec but Holly has been great, and normally I find her a bit insincere.


What would have been better is Steve Coogan (in character as Alan) bunking with EDMONDS


How bald is Nick Knowles?


Spoilers for last night’s eviction

£600k and he’s the first out :joy: show ruined? he was good value and had much more to come, the great British public proving themselves to be wrong’uns yet again.


The public never seem to take to someone late into the camp.

Shame he went. He was annoying but entertaining in his own weird little way. He looked gutted


The ‘good luck symbol’ gags last night :joy:


I actually thought Edmonds came across really well. There was moments of the insanity which never got fully explored, but he took part well and came across likeable. In that drinking olympics thing, I was creasing at him throwing that drink on his face. No idea why someone would rather see yer man from The Vamps stay in over him