I'm A Celebrity 2018


Who’s out tonight? Sair?




The British public are so shit at voting


Fancied her in Corrie and fancy her even more now. So very sad.


Moderate to major crushage, yeah


First decent interview, this. Noel was shellshocked, Malique was braindead.


I like my bum
I like my thighs
I like my breasts
They’re very nice


how the absolute fuck is James never even in the bottom 2??? has he actually had a single moment of being interesting/funny??? [haven’t watched last few episodes except for evictions as haven’t had time to catch up with them all, might have missed him having a semblance of personality]

absolute disgrace that Noel went first. i’ve gone in a bit too hard on pretending he was my boyfriend, i think i’m the tiniest bit attracted to him. get me off this mortal coil.

Fleur and Harry are my 2 faves, but I like Emily, Anne and John too.


also if sales of jam roly poly and custard haven’t skyrocketed thanks to Harry’s addiction, i will eat a jam roly poly with custard.


You’re… attracted to Noel. Noel Edmonds. Mate.

I’d rank em thus:



Anyone still bothered?

The editing seems to be pushing Emily to win. Don’t mind that really, she’s funny. As long as Nick or James don’t win, it’ll be alright.


Imagine if Harry just walked off into the jungle and no one ever sees him again


or if he went missing for several days but turned up for the final with Niko Kranjcar



legitimately fuming


Young pop boys always do well, but he’s just so BLAND




Bland Boy got fucked off


PHEW. think it was the ‘only £250,000’ convo that finished him off.

Harry being bottom 2 though, wtf??? i assume people voted for the other 3 as they thought he was safe

anyone else weep at Harry and Sandra’s reunion? I was fully Holly Willoughbying it. tweeted about wanting them to have a reality show and like 30 people have liked it! i feel twitter famous [not even but it’s nice to pretend]


That whole ‘loved ones’ meeting was inspired. Top stuff. Even better letting them all into camp together


wo this has nearly 200 likes. way more than i’ve ever had before. wild.