I'm A Celebrity 2018


Wanna do celebrity cyclone so bad


Watched the whole lot of this shit and now my WiFi is on the blink and I can’t watch the final


Live updates please, @imaperv


Can’t believe they don’t even have plugs in their ears for the challenges with loads of insects


oh noooo @Juke!!

so happy with the top 4, bloody loved all of them.

P sure Harry/HAZZA will win, very worthy winner if so. Emily has been great value too so she’d be my personal runner up. But really liked John (and Fleur!) too.

(my tweet from the other day is on 900+ likes now but it’s slowed down massively today)



all 3 had to do bushtucker trial. Emily had a helmet filled with crawlies; John did an eating challenge and was hilariously OTT while doing the eating; Hazza had to go in a pit filled with rats (which he’s scared of) and the usual crawlies. 100% success rate with stars. a cockroach went in Harry’s ear and had to be removed by medic Bob :grimacing:

oh and a lizard swaggered into the camp (an actual lizard, not a member of the royal fmaily)


I don’t think ‘it might be you’ actually means they have the second least amount of votes, reckon it’s just random


Wiki (totally credible source) seems to think it’s 2nd fewest votes


That’s surprising then


wasn’t sure about Holly at first, but she’s been brilliant. really like her genuine fear/care for the celebs


Stuck a fiver on Emily as an outside chance


Found Emily to be just too screechy and annoying. Harry to win.


Although anyone who goes on this show and says ‘I’ve never ever watched it’ needs to be disqualified from winning immediately.


Managed to get the WiFi working just long enough to see a full ad break. Died again just as they were annoucing the winner. Bah.


They gave it to that perentie


HAZZAAAAAAAAAAAA :gem: :crown: :prince: :palm_tree: :snake:

what a cracking series/group of people. delighted to have tuned in.