I'm A Celebrity 2019

Someone had to right?

Not normally a big fan of the show but Noel Edmonds got me hooked last year. Nadine Coyle, Caitlyn Jenner and Ian Wright should be great value, the rest is a bit beige unless Kirk from Corra goes in.

Stopped eating live bugs which is a good move.

Anyone watching?

Saw some boomers moaning about no live bug eating anymore

Like who actually thought that was the best bit of the show


This will be worth it purely for Nadine’s incredible accent



Here we go

Ian Wright’s going to win this.

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Dunno I reckon Roman kemp has a good chance

Ohh here you are!

Those quotation marks are in the wrong place Rak-Su ‘Singer’ would have been better.

He’s either gonna win it by miles or massively get on peoples tits. Can see him being quite bossy.

Oh ffs, hate it when people claim they haven’t watched any of it before.

He deals with the grumpiness of Chris Sutton every Monday on 5live he’ll be right.


Ian’s already looking puzzled

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I’d be rubbish at this bit, hate meeting new people.

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The best bit is where a total z lister comes in and people are looking blankly at them and trying to pretend that they know who they are.

Oh Nadine your accent

My opinion on Jenner is very much coloured by all the South Park episodes I have watched in the last couple of weeks.

I bloody love her but I’m looking at her gorgeous wee skiddly legs and thinking she’s going to be like a skelf after a fortnight of desiccated beans, a sheep’s eye ball, and fresh air. Nadine, you needed to carb load sister!!!

one step above huffing glue, this

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actually, one step below