I'm a celebrity get me out of here 2020

Is anyone going to watch this shitfest? I think I’m going to have to avoid it purely for all the bad Welsh jokes that will inevitably made. Also, I don’t know who a lot of them are.

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Reckon Mo Farah is gonna be allowed Dr Cugat in there with him?

I will be watching it. It’s my annual concession to my wife for all the shite I make her watch.

I have to watch it as well, I’m not allowed to play the Switch or be on my phone. Actively watch it.


I’d hoped they’d get rid of the gross animal balls eating stuff with this different environment, cause it’s by far the shittest bit of the show innit

Doesn’t look like it tho

Usually begrudgingly watch this but I do enjoy the Ant and Dec segments honestly. Would be intolerable if it wasn’t for them.


Keep an eye on the amount of sheep jokes for me please.


I’ll watch it for Ant and Dec and the other presenters - they’re genuinely great on this show. It’s a bit of light hearted fun innit and could probably do with that over winter


Oh yeah, huge fan


I’ll do what I always do, watch the first couple and sack it off

Do they still have to camp? Bit cold for that surely.

Lets hope so, it’s no more than they deserve really is it!

I only listen to Radio 1 occasionally, but urgent warning: apparently Jordan North (!) talks about being from Burnley and chippy teas every 10 seconds.

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And then there’s Vernon Kay… :cold_face:

I probably will watch it. And hate myself for it all the way through.

Don’t worry, I still occasionally check in on Family Guy.

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me too :joy:

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hehehehe freakin sweet lois


I don’t really think I have a DiSsy sense of humour anyway, but episodes these days are half knowingly terrible and half things I find genuinely hilarious, same as it ever was.

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Looking forward to it

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