I'm a celebrity get me out of here 2020

PETA Andre


Or they could make the most of a castle and shit them up with ghosts and that

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Fly Takeshi on and get them to do the final round of his show as a trial

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Each time a celebrity is evicted, that celebrity becomes a ghost haunting the corridors of the castle and as time goes on, the camp itself becomes less and less safe

For fucks sake, TV is shit because I’m not making these decisions


Sorted that for you!

My kids are now making me watch this. Hope this makes you happy DiS. Probably karma for being grumpy earlier.

Haha enjoy your animal murder!


Bit dull tonight? They need someone who going to cause drama.

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Yeah I’ve got bored, binning it off

Is there anything that Jordan isn’t scared of?

I sensed this would be boring glad I gave up on it

Jordan’s a joke

Mo Farah’s an idiot

That’s what I learned from my brief encounter


Mo and the Pigeons. TV Gold!

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The other day there was a question or a joke that was like “why was such and such tired?” and Mo said “because he was shattered”. And I realised he’s an emptyhead. He didn’t need to go on this.

Da iawn

There’d be way more posts here if they’d followed my advice and made it a sort of magical realist Welsh Metroidvania show

Haven’t been watching put seen this:

How did Wales become a wasteland?

We wanted to pour cockroaches on Vernon Kay for entertainment.


This isn’t good at all is it.

This is the sort of thing I’ll find funny for a week then be absolutely petrified of for the next 6 months

Do you live in that area?!

No but, just an impending sense of doom.