I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here! 2022

Oh yeah, where is he

Enjoying the young gullible guy
Particularly when he asked Mike Tindall if his wife was Australian

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“she’s from A Place in the Sun”


one of my TV highlights of the year


if the celebrities don’t all immediately start kicking Matt Hancock to death on sight, then I lose whatever respect I could potentially ever muster up for any of them

Don’t remember ever seeing it rain before in the jungle

Reckon I could do this challenge in 5 minutes.

Feels massively dangerous though, what if he gets struck by lightning? He’s literally on a big metal thing

Banana peel tea

The singing is making my husband not want to watch
Stop singing!

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Increase your heart rate :grinning:

Jesus Christ Matt Hancock is literally making my toes curl. He’s so cringey and fake.


So fucking awkward

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Matt Hancock singing Ed Sheeran

What with all the singing?!

Hoping to get a record deal like Mike Read, Razor Ruddock and Lord Brocket

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Seann Walsh has stolen Gervais’ exact laugh

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And Josh widdicomes voice

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And Neil Jones’ wife

Somehow hes even more annoying than Hancock

They seem to be a bit oblivious that they’ve been chosen to lie/hide/cheat based on the fact they’re both known for cheating?!


Imagine if the camp mates go on strike

The inside of your brain must be like a Cold War Steve collage