I'm a celebrity get me out of here

Anyone watching? There’s no way I could do that walking on a plank at the top of a building. Hell no. Not that I could do any of the other stuff they do either!

Fiz doing it for John Stape, gu on Fiz

Watching. Toffs my favourite so far. Do we reckon the country will fall in love with Stanley then?

Until the 4th day when he makes an outrageous comment

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oh man i hope not!

Impressed you think it won’t be till day 4 tbh.

They seem to be making A LOT of jokes about Ant’s stint in rehab which is errrm I don’t know

Yeah the first mention was probably enough, acknowledge it and move on. Still, they’re so good at what they do I’m really glad he’s made it back.


Its quite amazing how theyve been so famous for so long and theyre still as roundly loved

Seem like an ok bunch.

Although I’ve never watched this…I’m far more annoyed at those clogging up my Facebook feed with rubbish like “who are these people?” “they’re not celebrities!”.

So a quick google revealed that there is:

An Olympic Champion boxer
A footballer who was capped for England and played for Chelsea (amongst others)
A highly recognisable Coronation Street actor
A member of a chart topping band
A former Conservative MEP (and Boris’ dad)
A Labour MP (and former Scottish Labour leader)
A well-known comedian

Even of the rest…I know who Georgia Toffollo is and I’m rubbish at that kind of stuff.

Wish people would shut up


Is this a pun?

Not an intentional one, no.

Oh, I thought it might be a play on the contestants’ appearances in OK! Magazine. As you were.

Oooft, Amir Khan is gonna get every single trial, isn’t he?

Yep, after that shocking effort!

Who told the story here of Dennis Wise havinf a chat with them during a throw in about how he looked like an actor at the time

Exactly, it’s not a bad line up in terms of having relatively well known people on it. As if people expect actual A list celebrities are going to be remotely fucked with spending three weeks eating kangaroo nads and wading through tanks of crabs for, what, 100 grand?

Remember when John Lydon did

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I read in the news that Jack Maynard has left because of tweets he wrote in 2012