I'm a clownfish 🐟🀑🐟

Which means I’m fun, creative and full of energy (lol at that last one). This was a nice confidence boost for a Monday morning!

What are you?


It has smashed this out of the park

Polar bears are

Powerful and in control. They’re at the top of their food chain and enjoy being the boss. They spend a lot of time perfecting their skills. But it’s worth it because everything they learn they will use throughout their life. They love their own company.

You tend to be serious. You could come across as mature for your age. You may find yourself enjoying things that need attention to detail and skill. You like routine and structure. You may enjoy studying things until you become an expert.

Don’t be so hard on yourself. And remember to take the time to tell people that you appreciate them.


I’m a person

Hello a person, nice to meet you



You are a Barn owl!

That’s nice

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I’m a fucking falcon.

The fastest animals in the world. They can fly up to about 190 kilometres (120 miles) per hour. They can be fast with words and actions too, moving quickly from idea to idea and from task to task. Falcons like to try out new experiences.

Inventive, outspoken, spontaneous.

You enjoy action. You get bored easily and move on to something new. You might also be unusually imaginative and creative with ideas, words, toys and games. You probably have a good sense of humour. You generally do things at the last minute. You’re adventurous, direct and firm. It’s likely you often deliberately try to be unique. You tend to ask lots of questions.

You’re great at making deals with others.

Don’t judge yourself too harshly; you can be your own worst critic.



Lions are

Very sociable cats. They enjoy being with their families. They find having fun together is a good way to be close to their loved ones.

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i’m a cat. devastated. shit quiz for twats


I’m the motherfucking King of the Jungle :lion:

You’re probably full of energy and enjoy physical activities. You often love a party. You can create a party if there isn’t one! You might also enjoy nature. Life is a theme park full of new sensations, adventures and experiences to try out and enjoy. You probably like games and surprises.

You’re great at

You’re great fun to be with and enjoy the company of different groups of people, not just your BFF. You enjoy socialising and can be generous.



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I’m a seal too. bark bark.

Eagles are:

Symbols of power, leadership and strength. The protect their families. They always do what’s best for eagles they care about. They love soaring high in the sky. From there, they keep an eye on everyone below.

Hmmm, sounds a bit self aggrandising tbh

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I fucking wish I could.


Ahahaha you’re a jerk!

But you’re so adorable and amusing people love you anyway :kissing_heart:

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Oh I’m a clownfish too!

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well, you’re half right I guess

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This is basically Myers Briggs with animals, isn’t it?

(insert astrology joke here)


Yeah - I got the usual results too, which is quite impressive given the small number of questions

I’m a barn owl apparently. I like barn owls so not complaining. Not sure I feel like a silent but deadly predator, but :man_shrugging:

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