I'm a Member!


What have you joined recently?

This was going to be Wednesday but I missed the Daily Thread Club.


Me too

Oh the warmth of community


Priority Guest Awards, in order to get a 10% discount on a hotel room booking. Plus, as a member you always get access to the best VIP perks and in-stay benefits including 20% off meals & drinks*

*Excludes beverage only purchases, breakfast, minibar, in-room dining and conferencing.


Excludes breakfast? Not much of a perk then tbh


I’m a romantic


Me too bbs


Whoa! I too am now a throbbing member!


I haven’t joined anything recently, because I’m a loner. Bit of a rebel. Play by my own rules. Except at card and board games, because that would be a bit pointless.


Me too. This is the greatest achievement in my life.


Renewed my Picturehouse membership. That is all.


so am I!

cant help but feeling a notification calling me a member is a t bit pass agg


I woke up this morning and saw that notification and felt all special.

Then I see this thread.


(that’s really not a sad face, is it?)


This is now a Members’ Club thread.


I’m a member too

I too thought I was special until now


I’m going to use all my likes in this thread.


Think we should all agree to never reply directly or acknowledge the existence of basic posters henceforth.