I'm a worker... Get me out of here! (YCGHFWNI)

YCGHFWNI you don’t eat breakfast for the rest of the week

  • Yep
  • No, porridge me up PB

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These threads have got me fired so so many times now

can life without breakfast really be called living?


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  • breakfast
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‘breakfast’ technically means ‘to break the fast’ so no matter what time you eat, your first meal is gonna be breakfast isn’t it? Thread is a lie, unless you’re saying don’t eat for the rest of the week? Is that what you’re saying? Is it?

Yeah, no way I’m starving myself when I can just sit at work and eat food instead

This is bollocks. If I wake up at 12 I have lunch not breakfast. Why do you think brunch is a thing.

Get te fuck


Breakfast will be served until 10:30 AM.


If I get up at 12 I have breakfast then lunch about an hour later. Any other option is wrong.