I'm about to get drunk


Got 4 cans of Tyskie and a Gin and Tonic.

This adds up to 12.3 units.

Is this a bit much for one night (especially considering that I’m getting drunk on Friday and Saturday)? Should I have a bit less?

Or should I just fucking go for it?

  • Yes
  • No, have a bit less

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I don’t have work or anything the next day either. Got this week off.


Drink it, drink it all!


Turns out I have an extra Gin and Tonic.

Might have 3 Tyskies and 2 Gin and Tonics instead, which adds up to 11 units.


Well I’m having another beer, which adds up to seven tonight, so you’re in good company,


Cool man.

Let’s get this party started!


fill yr boots then


This is what I’ve ended up watching


Easily my favourite Tory


The more I drink, the more tempting it is


fucking hell man just drink if you want to drink


kin hell maaaaaaaaaaaaan!


(said silky)


Me tomorrow:


maybe its more a sign of my drinking habits, but 4 beers and a G&T is not that much booze is it.


no, not really


It’s not a lot of booze, and teenage me would laugh at that amount.

Nearing 31 year old me is wincing at the hangover drinking that would give me.