I'm an office worker! (pt II)


If you are using Outlook then Ctrl+A then Ctrl+Q and you are out of there!





Needed to look busy earlier so started a new email and inspired by this thread typed I’m An Office Worker over and over until the person left.

I am an office worker.


Can’t complete my timesheet because I haven’t been added to a project team by accounts.


Are you an office worker? It’s unclear from this post…


having a job still makes me feel really grown up


occasionally I have to wear a suit and it feels like I’m in fancy dress


Really enjoy saying stuff like “There’s six thousand available in the budget for that but we can reallocate it”. Just sounds so grown up. Can’t imagine how important I’d feel if I had a job with any responsibilities.


God damn this just reminded me I forgot to do my weekly time sheet yesterday!

Manager will get an automatic email now.