I'm an Office Worker: The JRPG

Spinoff thread from a discussion in the gaming thread about making an old-school RPG but with a modern office setting instead of a some fantasy elves and whatnot. Please throw in some suggestions here, we’ll get some indie dev to make it and make a shit tonne of cash.

end of level boss - your actual boss

end of game boss - CEO

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The Legend of the Office Worker: Quest for Toner

what does the J stand for?


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A mission where you have to dodge co workers because you’re attempting to escape the building before the monthly bingo session

Actual terrible admin tasks like uploading pdfs ect

Ability to change Aircon temp

What the hell kind of office do you work in


Bingo Office obvs

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One where people tell you to boost your ‘personal brand’ unironically

It’s not all bad but mandatory bingo is quite terrible

Maybe this could be the main quest:

“A cold winter has fallen over the office. The secretaries freeze at their desks and the spider plants wither from the chill. Legend tells of a hero who can make it past the Head of IT and into the server room, where the mystical thermostat of old is rumoured to lie.”


Plot twist: the cleaner was working with the CEO all along, despite the cleaner’s friendly demeanour throughout the main story

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Progressively larger and more powerful staplers the higher up through the building you progress, starting with a plastic one that breaks when you try and staple toilet paper, to a gigantic metal one that could staple the Bible, called Gargantua or something.


Starter gear:
bic pen with very little ink left - can be levelled up to papermates, Parker pens etc later.
A Windows 7 PC on it’s last legs and some dusty old keyboard and mouse - can be levelled up to fancy PC running Windows 10 etc.

Produce report including costings for a subject you have been provided inadequate details for.
Clear paper jams.
Keep sanity by typing stupid comments on a supposedly music themed forum.


DiSgaea: Hump Day of Darkness

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whoever you fancy from work dies tragically at the end of the first disc


Chapters are defined by your role in the organisation. The tutorial is your induction day, in chapter 1 you are an admin assistant, chapter 2: senior administrator, chapter 3: team manager, etc

That’s gotta be one of the key stats


*is moved sideways to the Swindon operation

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