I'm bringing back Friday treat yoself lunch day.

what will you be treating yoself to today? i need something warm and restorative, give me some ideas.

Ordered a pret on deliveroo like some sort of 80s business woman.

Egg sandwich for me, cheese for M.
I’ll also be having a chai and a brownie (coconut hot chocolate and gingerbread for M).

It’s absolutely pouring down now and I feel so bad for the driver. Hope he’s not on a bike :see_no_evil:


Dippy eggs and toast soldiers.

Not just any eggs either, got some Burford Browns in.


I had some instant noodles, but the good kind (the Korean Shin Ramyun Gourmet Spicy), so I’m happy with that.

i had a tuna wrap and a smoothie


I have some more leftover dal that I’m going to heat up soon with a couple of buttered rotis.

Malayan corn chowder with extra chilli and coriander and a piece of flatbread on the side.

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ooft :ok_hand:

Went out to Stafford for brunch…

It was good. I’ve never eaten this much pancake ever.

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Homemade hummus on homemade flat breads.

Just bought some of that Northern Bloc Ice Cream from the fancy place.

Fried mushrooms and tomatoes in a bagel, closest to breakfast bagels I get. But also green olives in it because I’m such a darned REBEL

Sounds like you need some yukgaejang m8

For me, a quesadilla made with leftover chili. It was fine. I enjoyed the afters of bakewell tart and an apple more if we’re being real.