I'm buying you...whatever you like!

As it’s Christmas, have whatever you like for lunch or to drink, on me! What do you fancy right at this moment?




You really are very generous Funky.

I’ve been out in the cold all morning, just back so this is good timing.

I’d like a jacket potato with butter and cheddar cheese, lots of salt and pepper.

I can never decide on drinks, maybe just a fizzy water followed by an espresso.

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Thank you for your generosity! I would love a nice breakfast, seeing as I’m still in my bed and starving. Would actually love a giant fluffy Japanese pancake. No, two of them! And a big iced coffee. Thanks :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Baguette du Monde’s Spicy American baguette (might have to time travel back to Birmingham 2003-2006 for this)
Pepsi in a big plastic glass with a load of ice chips from an American restaurant

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I’ll be having:

Chips (chunky)
Brown sauce
Pint of some kind of mid-strength amber ale


Hanseatic Seafood Platter, please! Home delivered.

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Right now I fancy a burrito. One of the Pork Pibil ones from Carlito Burrito, please. They’re delicious.


Now I want this too!

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NOOOOOOO!!! Carlito Burrito are closed today!

Oooo, thanks Funky, you are a :star:

I’ll have…

A pint of some kind of delicious sour beer. Nice and cold. Mmmm, that first sip!!! :heart:

And then this please:

Korean buttermilk chicken burger
Spicy chicken burger with spring onion ginger sauce, citrus Mayo and baby gem lettuce.

It comes with a really nice salad too and then a side order of chips as well thanks :blush:


7% dark Christmas ale
Vegetable pasties
Mince pie
Black coffee

Thank you!

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Thanks funhouse, as it’s the season of indulgence I’d really love some loaded nachos right now. No meat but loads of cheese, gauc, salsa, sour cream and jalapeños. And a pint of pale to go with it.

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This sounds incredible!

I lifted this from what I realise now was another of your food threads :blush: it’s so good! I’m terrible for just having the same thing everytime I go somewhere!! Haha. I get it from the Safari Lounge in Edinburgh whenever I go. Feel like it might disappear from the menu one day so I need to work out how to make it myself!!

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Hmmm, what a decision to make.

I’ll have that amazing fish carpaccio I had at the seafood festival in Hastings please, just as a little starter. Lots of lime wedges. Which leads me into a nice little drink.

Cloudy apple juice with loads of lime too and a bit of sparkling water, ice and some mint.

For main I’ll have the veggie haggis from Stravaigin in Glasgow.

If I can defer my pudding until this evening then I’ll get back to you.

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50 toasted teacakes, all buttery and hot.

Pot of Yorkshire tea. Jug of cold milk.

Thanks so much!

Anything for you.


Thanks funky I’ll have a can of Rio, a punnet of oranges and a bar of lindt please.


What an offer

Could really go for a big sandwich right now. Roasted veg, houmous, bit of halmoui in some solid excellent bread

Bag of crisps on the side

Orange squash, pint, weak.

Ice cream - salted caramel to finish with sprinkles and sauce.

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