I'm closing the Rogue One thread...for an hour

Post can’t be empty.

Oh what, because Star Wars is for massive babies?

Ban request.


Something tells me this thread title will be edited very quickly.

Can you close this one too?

Massive urge to edit this thread title, but I’m not going to because I’m too nice and also scared of the mods

This seems draconian but also the thread title edits were about as funny as a dead arm.

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when oh when oh when are we going to be able to edit more than one thread title a day?


Naturally will ban anyone who edits it.

classic Naturally



I’m chatting about important Rogue one stuff in there?

Is it because of the bathrobe joke?


I’m closing the cycling thread then

Wait… that wasn’t true?

Now I’ve no idea what to believe.

That title edit’s complete done me

Quite enjoyed going through all the edits in chronological order. Tres amusant! :fr:

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I’m not even on Roguebook.

Open again.

Behave you fucking fucks.

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I just presumed we were going to leave it like New York in Escape from New York.

Besides, I enjoy the notion of @TKC having to work through all those little blue dots :wink:

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5 notifications since last on just for that!

from that rather

Alright, calm down on blue-dotting me, mate.

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