I'm considering putting the central heating on.

It’s August ffs. And yes I have a jumper on.

Going to be the coldest August Bank Holiday on record. It was 35c two weeks ago!

That’s weather for you.

Off to see relatives in the North this weekend, where it will be FIVE DEGREES on Saturday night. In August ffs.

Absolutely pissing it down here

Was 35c a couple of weeks ago!

That’s weather for you!


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North pole?

we just leave that decision to the gods (i.e. the thermostat). it appears to have kicked in this morning.

edit :
it was 35c two weeks ago
that’s the weather for you

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Switched mine to Auto last night. Don’t think it came on though.

Second jumper.



So much for global warming eh!!!

Reckon it’s 5G

Don’t really have seasons now do we?

That’s weather for you!

It’s pouring down with rain here but the sun is still shining.

That’s weather for you!

Chilly here too. It’s 15 million degrees at the core of the sun right now, unbelievable!

The very same in London’s famous East 17!

You couldn’t make it up!

Unbelievable, I’m pretty much on the edge of West Wales nearly in the Irish sea. What are the chances of us having the same weather!

That’s Wales for you

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You sound like my ex wifes mad aunty. Convinced it rains more in Wales than anywhere else in Britain.

  • I regret complaining about the 8 hours of sun we’ve had this year
  • I never complained in the first place
  • I have no regrets

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Let it Rain and maybe some Thunder and then you’ll get Steam.

Everybody in the House of Love!


Might give the radiators a bleeding