I'm currently downloading the internet

I’m torrenting it, says 5 years remaining. And I’m on a 50mbps connection.

Gonna whack it on a bunch of terabyte hard drives and get down the car boot sale next Tuesday.


If you want to download Wikipedia it’s only 20gb


Just worried about my arms feeling like a couple of fortnights in a bad balloon when the download completes


Can’t decide if I’m surprised or not surprised by that.

By the time you have completed downloading the internet the internet will be bigger. It is infinite and therefore you will never have it all


I’m calling the police to check your hard drives

You, sir, have won the Internet for today!


You’ve been reported to the cyber police and the state police. Ya done goofed.

Oooh that’s enough internet for you today!

will this be part of it?

Internet fraud office please.

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I’m working on my own fan internet

Michael Barrymore on Strike It Lucky. “A copy of the internet. Eric, do you want to keep it or do you want to carry on?” “Sorry?” “Carry on?” “Yeah let’s carry on” Ooo hard luck it’s a hot spot.

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Imagine if ‘they’ closed the internet down in five years. The financiers just called all the debts in at once and the servers get turned off with a fortnight’s notice. Scenes like the last days of Woolies with everyone scrambling around to grab whatever before it’s gone for good (or at least until a month later when something dead similar pops up in its place).

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