I'm doing a half day today

So I’d really appreciate it if anyone who has any excellent posts/threads they’re holding off on posting could get them in in the next 45 minutes if possible? Thanks a lot.

What’s your afternoon plan? Chrimbo shopping?

I’ve got a belter but it’s time specific so I’m afraid you’ll miss out

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I will be walking from the office to Oxford St to get a voucher that couldn’t be purchased online, my plan after that was to go home and play Watch Dogs 2 in my pants but my partner got wind of my (lack of) plans and requested that I go to help her sort her classroom out for the start of the next term so I’ll be doing that…

If you tag me in it I’ll get an email alert, would appreciate that if possible? (Just hate to miss out on good posts/threads you know)

Just seen @Scout

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Why don’t you tell her to design some advertising hoardings at St Marys or something (bear in mind I have not played FM)

Scout is a terrific poster and (although I’ve not had the pleasure of meeting her) a terrific person.

No LME drinks then Ant?

I try not to bring up the disparities in the importance (and enjoyment) of our respective careers all that much if I can avoid it Lonzy.

That being said, FM17 features animated advertising boards for the first time and is available in-stores and on Steam now!

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A frayed knot

Well la-di-da at Mr Half-day over here!!!

I just got on an overground train for 20mins or so but i’m busting for a piss

Great post, thanks for sharing at a time when I didn’t have to miss it.

I didn’t particularly enjoy this post but thanks for sharing at a time when I could read it anyway.

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I was not planning to do anything exciting or fun. I am literally sitting indoors til 4pm putting some things in envelopes, and then going to the post office at 4.30

Thanks very much for updating me anyway, I hope that it doesn’t take more than half an hour to put the things in the envelopes and that when you go to the post office (I call it the Po-Po (quite humorously IMO)) there isn’t a queue.

It’s more that I’m getting some last minute orders throughout the day, because I’m closing up the online shop at 4 today.

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Bye guys, have really lovely weekends won’t you x

Oh ffs, really. I’ve not washed my hair for a week and didn’t even shower. WHERE DID YOU SEE ME?