I'm doing a Movember

Hello. I am doing this hip Movember thing to raise money for charity. Next year: Ice Bucket Challenge. #StopKony2012. I’ve copied the below from Facebook, thought I’d post it here too in case anyone was feeling generous. I’m sure you’ll agree it’s a worthwhile cause (if not an entirely unchallenging way to raise money).

Movember isn’t even a thing any more but as we are a week into the month and I haven’t shaved yet, I might as well?

This photo below is one week’s worth of growth, so it’s fairly obvious that this won’t be a game changer, but if you’d like to throw some money my way to make it worth looking like even more of a scruff for a month, please do. I’ll even throw in a pathetic attempt at a beard for free.

I’m never going to run a 10k (too lazy), climb a mountain (too lazy), swim the Channel (too lazy) or do a bungee jump (fuck that), so this may be my only chance to raise money for charity, so be generous if you are in a position to do so.

I’ll be raising money for CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) [www.thecalmzone.net], which is a charity dedicated to preventing male suicide, the biggest killer of men under the age of 45 in the UK.



I was gonna ask about Movember in the is it a thing anymore thread.

Like I hadn’t heard anyone doing it since like 2012, but there’s a couple of guys at work doing it.


It’s all about No Nut November these days.

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Already bin done


Someone I know is obsessed with it (but he does grow a FINE mo).

It raised almost $70m last year, so going pretty strong I think!

Must have been one hell of a moustache



Thanks all <3

A bit of a running start, so we get our money worth

I am probably being an idiot but what is no nut November? ( I know its not about nuts as in the food)

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I see, in my defence aren’t balls/testicles referred to as nuts plural, and even this isn’t closely associated enough to w**king in my opinion to make ‘no nut November’ work?
Unless people are calling it nutting these days?


fucking incels

Yor not serious are they actually? I like to think I have my finger on the pulse but I haven’t heard of this at all.



No Member December!
Though everyone loves a Xmas jostle so I cant imagine take up would be to high

When did this come (I have resisted putting cum) about?