I'm doing this at the weekend

Can’t imagine anything worse, but I’m not good with water. I’m watching that thinking I’d panic and open my mouth, then I’d die.

Enjoy though. Sure it’s belting if that’s your bag.

Was just reading about that last week :open_mouth:

You going to scuba/freedive/doggy paddle?

psst, I’m not doing this. It made me feel ill just watching it.

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Oh freedive obvs.

Fully expected a photo of a DiSer’s mum.

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oh good lord this is clamming my up so hard


This brings back memories of watching Felix Baumgartner’s jump and almost being sick doing so.

I’m doing this at the weekend

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If the need arose would you pee in there or wait (depending how far down you are at the time)?

I’m doing this at the weekend.


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