Im done with facebook!

Hi there guys I don’t know about you lot but I see a lot of nonsense in being over Facebook.
Also it caused me problems work wise last year but you know what last June I decided I’m done with it, best decision of my life!
Being out of Facebook helps forgetting a lot of crap in the workplace and ppl who cause an enormous amount of aggros too!

Now I leave it to you vent out your opinion if you like!

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I’m not even on face with done book


Flame meet moth.

I’m on the stage of forgetting almost everyone I used to work with after the second week of June of last year up to now, maybe that’s a good sign!
Thing is social media is a killing machine almost some kinda mouth trap! :slight_smile:

I just use it to keep in touch with old friends who live in different places. It’s great.


I guess WhatsApp is useful and can be a Facebook replacement specially as it comes messenger only! I’m actually using lycamobile ova a phone to ring a couple of ppl abroad and yep that does it great, the latter I’m on!

Facebook is just a glorified messenger app for me at this point

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Presumably this place is the next logical step?

I really want to know what you did that meant you couldn’t make this announcement until January of the following year.

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It’s full of Leave voters!

Let’s never let this die


As with most things, it comes down to how you use it. My profile is strictly private. If someone searches for my name they won’t find me. I am super careful about accepting friend requests. No work colleagues. No one I’m not absolutely sure of. I get more out of it than it gets out of me.

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It still gets a hell of a lot out of you, but at the same time it’s currently not something that is necessarily worth worrying about, and really it’s about what your takeaway from the platform is and what makes you feel happy/safe/protected on there.

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I’m not worrying about it, unfortunately due to the 7 years on the trot I used to work was too tired to set it up properly.
If you vent out your opinion on how you feel about your job without insulting even that can be a problem.
Lastly being out its a massive positive boost and chilling time type of thing!

So you are saying I shouldn’t post rants about my work on Facebook? Particularly if I have friended people from work?

Mind blown.


You’d be very surprised, that’s all I can say!

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