I'm expecting a delivery tomorrow

I’m working in the morning, should be home from around 12:50 onwards. If I miss the delivery it’ll probably be Wednesday before I can pick it up, but I could arrange tonight for it to be at the depot instead tomorrow. The depot is miles away though, so that’s hassle I could do without.

  • GAMBLE! (Let them try to deliver it and hope it’s the afternoon when they attempt it)
  • Play it safe (Just have it sent to the depot and go through the rigmarole of getting there and back)

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Senor Ding Dong would never play it safe.




I don’t know

How important is it you get it before Wednesday?

Not crucial, it’s stuff for me (not presents for anyone). I’d kind of like to have it though.

I don’t speak Simpsons, sorry.


12.50 is too late. Realistically you won’t get a delivery past what, about 3pm? So you’re gambling it’s going to be in the last two hours of likely delivery times.

I had a washing machine delivered this week,they gave a window of 7am - 6pm (helpful). They came at 9am.

if you’re not in is it definitely fucked? they can’t put it through the letterbox / leave it with a neighbour?

I thought there was a Simpsons ref for everything, call yourself a true fan?

Barge, Lyle and Markus.

They can’t get to my letterbox without being buzzed in, and it has to go to me apparently.

@anon16531887 makes a solid point about delivery times, I’m leaning towards playing it safe (and hating myself for doing so)