I'm Forming a Music Group/Band

Hey, my name is J. Anthony Ashley (AKA Jay Husky).
I’m a 19-year old American music producer, rapper, writer and digital artist.

I’m planning to start a music group focusing on pop, rap, alternative hip-hop, alternative rock, and R&B. I’m looking for four (4) to six (6) members who would be interested in being part of this. Specifically, I’m looking for rappers, singers, writers, and instrumentalists/ music producers.

You really don’t have to be professional at what you do (especially since I’m no professional); as a matter of fact, the more amateur you are, the better!

Everyone is welcome too, regardless of age, gender, race, nationality, etc. Just be passionate for what you do. Your location doesn’t matter either, as everything will be done over the internet (until the band can get together, but details on that will come when the time comes).

So if you’re interested, or have questions, contact me at somecallmejames@gmail.com


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My name’s Scott_Chegg and I’m here to say
I’m an amateur rapper in a rhyming way
I’d love to come and rap for you Jay Husky
But think my rap delivery might be too rusty

You trying to do a Brockhampton kind of thing Husko?

Ha, yeah. I’m kinda inspired by Brockhampton, but I’m not really trying to form a boy band. Just a regular band, really.

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Fair play man, good luck with your endeavour.

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I’m sorry for the late reply, Scott, I’m overdue
But I’d love to have you rhyme for the crew of only two
Since I need an extra hand with the band, you’re the man
And if you are serious, then it sounds like a plan.

you should text all your mates and form a superband