I'm giving you £10*. What you buying?

*not actually giving you £10

It is in the form of a Mastercard Cash Card, and can be used online or in person, immediately.

a pair of jeans

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The missus some flowers

A nice lunch.

I’ll get my cinema ticket for tonight, thanks mate

Some dry lube for my bicycle

Couple of wanker beers on the way home, cheers Sheeldz

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I’ll have to have a browse in Foyles at lunchtime and see what takes my fancy.



I already have a case of Bud Light in the kitchen, I’m good for my everyday drinking beer ta.

new socks

Lol 2.0…

I’m just messing around - I am heading to buy wanker beer in literally 20 minutes :+1:

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Can I pay for 30 minutes of sunshine so I can go for a walk?

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Imagining the thread title being read in this lads voice:


Lottery tickets or some food. Mix of both. I dunno.

you can get 45 mins on a tanning bed?

Just eat the ticket

Drinks tonight, ta

Great idea the fake tan look is just my style

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