I'm giving you a fiver

to go to your local corner shop and get whatever you want. What’ll it be?

I’ll have:
1x Irn Bru Extra 500ml bottle
1x large bag of salt & vinegar sticks
1x Boost
1x Bag of Tangfastics

You don’t understand scale.

Use £5 to buy 10 tomato plants.

In 6 months you have 250 tomatoes.

Plant those into 250 plants.

6 months you have 6,250 plants.

Plant them.

6 months you have 156k tomatoes.

Plant them.

6 mo you have 3.9MM tomatoes.

Sell them for £1 each.


Yeah this I’ll just take the £3.9m in 2 years please

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1 coke zero (can only)
1 rib n saucy nik naks
1 daim

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No thanks I’m still shielding. You can have it instead.

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1x Newccy Brown Ale
1x Packet of nuts

What I call the luncheon of champions.


who is their right mind is going to pay you double for a tomato plant

this country.

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Spend the change on tomato plants obviously.

10x Lidl pastel de nata


Delicious yes


This is a tremendous answer from a tremendous source.

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Lidl, that famous corner shop.


You don’t understand scale, I’m afraid


M&S Plant Kitchen Pizza

near me I have a Tesco, a Lidl, a Margiota and 3 bakeries before I’d get close to a corner shop

so you can lump it

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1 McDonald

Ah, thanks funky!

I am going to get:
A grab bag of Cadbury’s Buttons
A bag of salt & vinegar Discos
A Ginsters pasty

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Probably a box of DiS’s favourite :beers:

Do I have to go to the one stop or can I go round the corner to select convenience?

a can of Mango Rubicon (are they always cheaper than other cans?)
a bag of beef Hula Hoops
a twix


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