I'm glad the boards are working for me again now

I’ve bee locked out for nearly three days, except for about 20 minutes last night randomly. Nice to see you all


Are you a musician, eems?


I’ve got some great news for you!


Am I the only one whos had no issues

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Although we all judge you for considering that @eems not being around is not an issue

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you’re in the fine company of just shy of 7 billion non-disers in the world

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7 billion non-DiSsers can’t be wrong!


I’ve not had any issues either


Just want to politely remind those who’ven’t had issues that we’ve’d issues and no small matter.

did anyone miss me or not

Missing you already

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  • This is no small metter
  • Strictly medium sized matter
  • If anything this is larger than the strawberry moon
  • Yeah that’s right, that there moon is at it again
  • Gonna have to superersize that frittata
  • Large peas on the side, please
  • large peas are just regular peas, as opposed to petit pois

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I’m glad I’m not the only one who has been somewhat disturbed by this experience

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every time anything like this happens my thought process is always:

  • oh god it might never come back, this could be it, just immediately with no notice dis has vanished, I will never use it again.
  • actually that’s a relief. the next couple of weeks will be hard but after that I’m free from spending time here.
  • but what would I actually do with that time. probably something worse