I'm going on holiday to Scotland

Hi everybody!

This coming August the wife and I are coming back to the old country to renew our vows. Then heading up to Scotland for another honeymoon. It’ll be in August. I need ideas to stuff to do and see.

Obviously Edinburgh is on the list and we’ll be there during the festival. Will finding somewhere to stay be possible?

Also the main plan is to go round the highlands really. Just chill and stuff. Any particular beautiful places we should check out?

Also record stores. Give me a list of cool record shops please.

Many thanks.

Really, the further north you go, the better.


applies to the uk as a whole


I don’t see Glasgow mentioned in this post?


will you have a car? you could drive round this

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I really want to do this. Apart from a little bit north of Inverness I’ve never been to anywhere in that part of Scotland which is a scandal.

I’d really recommend the route from Loch Lomond up the west coast to Skye - it’s really stunning.


i want to cycle it this year

Yeah, if you’re driving north from the central belt then take the a82 up the west side of Loch Lomond and up through Glencoe.


Loch Lomond was peng, have a skirt round it even if you don’t end up staying there for long.


Or Sleazy’s


How long would you need to cycle it? I think I’d quite like to do it at some point.

Sit outside Kingshouse on the A82 with a few drinks and gaze at Buachaille Etive Mòr. Absolutely stunning bit of mountain (GBOM etc).

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If you want a break from driving then take the train from Glasgow Central to Mallaig. The best train journey in the world. Outstanding scenery. Will take a full day there and back.

If you’re driving then basically anywhere up the west coast from Loch Lomond is stunning. And along the north coast too.

EDIT - @japes covered the driving part upthread.

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depends, obviously

i think i’d be aiming for five days probably, but could make it a bit easier and do it over seven

go to skye, just driving around it’s fucking insanely beautiful, you can do it in around 4.5 hours from glasgow and the drive up in itself is a treat


You won’t have too much trouble finding accommodation in Edinburgh but my advice would be to book it as soon as you can, or it will be proper expensive. We have loads of chain hotels, b&bs, and services apartments (Fountain Court are a good one). Don’t air BnB a flat that’s obviously a full time rental, it’s ruining the city. Happy to answer any specific questions about places to stay etc

If you’re going north there are plenty of trains to great places, and they’re generally pretty reasonably priced. Pitlochry, Oban, Arrochar are all a short trip from the central belt and lovely to visit. Oban has ferries to some of the islands. If you’re feeling really adventurous, you can go from Edinburgh to Inverness (4 hrs) or all the way to Thurso in the far north in about eight hours.


The drive from Lomond to Skye is sublime, it just keeps getting better and better as you go. I’d heartily recommend Skye, loads to do there and it’s beautiful every way you look. It might be my favourite place in Europe.


Did a driving and walking holiday from Glasgow > Kinlochleven > Skye > Harris & Lewis > Ullapool > Inverness in Autumn and it was the best. Ullapool worked as a good base (+ it was beautiful and has great food/drink) for driving some of the North Coast 500 as previously mentioned, and the islands blew my mind. Didn’t want to leave anywhere and felt like my itinerary barely scratched the surface, definitely plan to try to see loads more of it this year.

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I’ve been up to Assynt a couple of times, it’s completely wonderful - there’s absolutely no one else there. We stayed in Inverkirkaig near Lochinver, which is north of Ullapool and at the end of something called the Wee Mad Road, which sounds like something from Father Ted but is real and aptly named.
Best thing we did was finding the tiny beach of Port Alltan na Bradhan. We had it all to ourselves all afternoon until a minke whale showed up, which was pretty amazing.