I'm going on holiday to Scotland

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Thanks to you and @eems

The TV works a bit with the Scottish Land commission based in Inverness so popping to visit them was a potential, but getting off the Sleeper at Fort William and making base there for a few days could be a better option and cuts out a bit.

Wasn’t intending to do the full trek up Nevis, just an hour or 2 walk and back from the centre of Fort William possibly staying at the YHA.

Mallaig is basically on there for the train trip alone. Go up early - mooch about for the day and come back to Glasgow in the evening. Glasgow for 24h on the way to Dundee and only going into Edinburgh to get the train back, been there twice before so not essential this time. Thanks for the Lumo tip.


Cut out the Old Town and the New Town! :upside_down_face:

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Any recommendations for breakfast options in Edinburgh early on a Saturday? Ideally needs to be central

Stock “get the train to Glasgow” reply tbh

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Cactus Cafe (just went first time myself last month)
Urban Angel
The Edinburgh Larder (never been)
Pep and Fodder

That’s like pretty central to the station if that’s what you meant. Here long?

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Thanks. Unfortunately not for me, my mom is heading up with a friend and I got her booked in for an evening meal at The Outsider but struggling on breakfast recommendations as when I visited other than Down The Hatch I justed used Twelve Triangles for pastries.

I hope to make the trip back up at some point, just had all the Google photos memories pushed to me as this time last year was when the storm and snow hit. So obviously I had a windy walk up Arthur’s seat to freshen up after lots of Vault City.

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Thanks again for these recommendations. Cactus cafe and Loudons both went down well.

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glad to hear it! im often too lazy to bother with breakfast out, so good to hear my recs are still on point

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