I'm going on some long train journeys this weekend



please recommend me:

  • a book
  • some music
  • a podcast
  • anything else (I will need some food and drink, for example)

to pass the time.



Book: Seveneves by Neal Stephenson
Music: quite like the last Noveller album. You might be into it.
Podcasts: literally only listen to Netrunner podcasts
Anything else: sugar free ginger beer


A book - KLF, Chaos Magic Music Money
Some music - This best of 2016 playlist https://play.spotify.com/user/barknee/playlist/0CCO7ZVscIFxG8snwfqvG0
Posdcast - Griefcast - comedians talk about death. Adam Buxton and Jon Harvey episodes especially good.
Anything else - your mum


Taking any train beers?


I expect so!


Book - should really read The Girl On The Train


A book - I’m re-reading Camus’ The Outsider for the billionth time, it’s my fave book innit.
Music - still rinsing Jaar’s Sirens.
Podcasts - Hannibal Buress’ Handsome Rambler chat with Chance over Christmas is very funny.
Anything else - get a wheat free salted caramel billionaire bar from M&S, those things are the absolute tits.


I am also going on some long train journeys this weekend! I plan on listening to lots of Flaming Lips, reading The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and listening to various podcasts about sport and comics. Will have to get a few train beers in too.


Book: I’ve started reading Apple Tree Yard
Music: Dunno, i’ve lost interest a bit.
Podcasts: Currently obsessed with Scroobius Pip. Mostly the DrunkCast with Romesh Ranganathan :heart:
Anything else: All the M&S snacks.


Yep the Adam Buxton griefcast was good. I like song exploder a lot just because it’s relatively short and so fills a nice 20 min gap sometimes.


Been meaning to listen to the new Solange one.


Dunno… a load of shit about bikes?


You know her so well!


thank you for your very helpful contribution :+1:


That is on the Chess soundtrack.


Another one for Griefcast.
I seem to have become obsessed with Sara Pascoe because of it. I just love her but I’ve never seen any of her stand up. She just has a nice way of talking and is very intelligent.


I’m reading her book at the moment, its really good. She did an episode of the Adam Buxton podcast too.


I pity the child that doesn’t know that.


Book: Kitchen by Banana Yoshimoto - really good one-sitting read
Music: The Sun’s Tirade by Isaiah Rashad - only got into this off the back of end of year lists and it’s really great
Anything else: New star soccer, obviously


sat in the work car park this morning listening to the last 5 mins of it, it’s quite a long episode but really really good.