I'm going to listen to a new album every work day

Give me a new album to listen to every work day please. The loopier the better.


I also try to do the same when I’m in the office. Today I listened to the heavy psych of Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats. Some pretty blistering guitar work…

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Loopy as in repetitive :loop:, or loopy as in :crazy_face:?

I have a feeling I will be disappointed by the answer.

Why not both?

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Gonna do some mini reviews.

Wednesday - Charlotte Gainsbourg - Rest
Frenchest album I’ve ever heard. Ring-A-Ring O’ Roses and Deadly Valentine are superb pop.
Fair bit of filler in there mind. 7/10


My dad bought me this for Christmas, I have no desire whatsoever to listen to it, maybe you will.

Thursday - Gil Scott Heron/Jamie xx - We’re New Here
Really like how it feels like a remix album whilst still being cohesive. Feel like the music could’ve been a bit harsher to suit the mood a bit more sometimes. 7/10

Friday - Wilco - Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
Surprised how bland this was. Not a bad album but not sure why its held so highly. Probably the whitest album I’ve ever heard, and I’ve heard a lot of white albums. 5/10

this is the only Wilco record i like.

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i was recently suggested Friend and Foe by Menomena - i like it will listen again.
link below if you want to add to your list

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Already listened to it. Definitely check out Mines if you enjoy it.

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This record sounds a lot like it was recorded in a haze of painkillers, and massively underplays a lot of Wilco’s greatest strengths. The best versions of every song on this record are on the live album, Kicking Television.

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“New” as out semi-recently, or “new” as in you haven’t listened to it before?

If the latter, then: Bumblebeez — Prince Umberto and the Sister of Ill

If the former, then Dancehall — The Band

The Residents - Animal Lover


It’s relatively loopy

never listened to Martha?

Sunrise from this album is great. It’s only a minute and a half long or something, but still.

i might also do this
have you listened to fear on the corner by mamuthones?

album improves 100% if you edit out the awful Paul McCartney written track

I’m going to do something like this as well (albums I already like + albums I want to listen to/albums by bands I want to check out). Been working on a little project where it’s all set up based on data from Rateyourmusic, even made a Word document dedicated to it (e.g if I don’t know a band well but want to check them out, I might only include their highest-rated album. If I already like a band but haven’t listened to most of their stuff, might include everything that gets a score of above 3.50, or has at least 1000 votes etc.).

Should keep me entertained for a very long time. It’s been very time consuming setting this up so it better be worth it. Might start a reviewing blog and update it every day, although I really don’t know if I can be arsed with all that and nobody’s gonna read it anyway.