I'm going to make or buy you lunch...

…what are you in the mood for?

Sausage and fried onion baguette. I know I can trust you not to skimp on the ketchup too. Ta!



Could you freeze Huel and make a lolly?

Could I!


Can I just have the money instead?

Soup and garlic bread

I would like a Subway sandwich with some jalapenos on it please

Huel have to try it out then

Bacon and egg bap

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Ooh they now do a buffalo chicken sub? Might try it

Some kind of omelette please, your choice of fillings

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Someone’s tried it. The title to this image is ‘‘stop what you’re doing right now and buy some ice lolly moulds’’ so they seem to have their priorities in good order.

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dunno haven’t had one for years, just fancy it now for some reason


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I am tempted by the new sub too

I hate that you’ve put this cause now it’s all I can think about.

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All day breakfast pancakes

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Ploughman’s. With a range of cheeses.

Thanks funky.


Make me a sammich please