I'm going to New York for the first time next month - please tell me all about it

really liked new york

go to the arcade machine bar it’s proper fun

That “some reason” would be because their late night TV is fantastic. Definitely apply to be in the audience for The Late Show With Stephen Colbert if you can.

Otherwise I echo many of the suggestions above, especially the High Line… given how expensive NY is, free suggestions such as this are definitely worth it.

When I went, I got a New York Pass, but it’s expensive. If you’re going to at least one tourist place a day, get one… otherwise paying for the sights/galleries that interest you individually is cheaper. And be aware that you can only visit each place once if you get it. I went into MoMA as I was staying opposite it, to have a quick look for an hour… then back later, and found this out. Luckily I was also there during the day of the month that it’s free.

Everyone seems to slag off the Empire State but I personally loved it, probably helps we got there at 10am or something on a Tuesday and there were no queues though.

Joe’s pizza was decent, love just grabbing slices everywhere. The 99¢ places were also a godsend when getting home drunk

Jimmy’s corner is pretty cool, oddly located just off times square where you wouldn’t expect it.

Nom wah in Chinatown had some good dim sum

Decent beer places everywhere. If you happen to be up Astoria way then Bier & Cheese was an accidental find that was one of my faves.

Big fan generally of just cruising round the East Village and stuff in that area. Brunch at Clinton Street Baking Company was pretty :ok_hand:t2:

I think Empire State in the morning (early is better as you say) and top of the rock at night. It’s worth getting a view daytime and nighttime imho

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The Windy CIty

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The city pass allows you to go up both twice in the same day, so you can do day and night which is what I did. Let’s you skip ticket queues too.

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Love it when people post threads like this then disappear :grinning:

Happen, if more people walked on the middlewalk, they’d make more space on those notoriously busy sidewalks.

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Don’t care how cliche it is - go to Katz for a pastrami sandwich. It’s one of the best things I’ve ever eaten

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Also Brooklyn ice cream factory

She went to that and Seth Meyers. Seemed to enjoy Seth Meyers a bit more, he came out and chatted to the audience and answered questions where Colbert was just in and out. She did get to see Big Thief on Colbert so I am a bit jealous.

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In fairness, even big apples pale in comparison to such fruit as melons and pumpkins. What gives?

The Medium Grapefruit

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the person who coined it used the apple as a metaphor for a disproportionately large fruit on a tree sucking up more than its fair share of the nutrients in the sap :slight_smile:

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Idk, I’ve seen some pretty large apple trees, offering disproportionately small apples.

It must be odd to see a band you like play essentially a one song gig.

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right. because there’s one big apple taking all the sap


I prefer (marginally) Seth’s show of the two, but I think Colbert’s show is probably the one I’d want to attend live if I had to choose.

Thanks anyone and everyone who’s posted anything helpful.

I’ll be running the marathon so anywhere that does good, cheap and plentiful pasta is a plus.

I’m not vegan/veggie and nor is anyone I’m with so no worries there.