I'm going to the shop, do you want anything?

jalapeno snyder’s, cheers

^ my tinder opening line for ages, worked beautifully.



What’re you getting?


Can you look for @anon50098204 while you’re in there? I am worried he got lost in Sports Direct. Those shops can be large.

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He knew the risks.


sports direct mug, please

warny was meant to be getting me milk but there’s no sign of him

One of the bigger kids has probably buried him in the bucket of basketballs

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Some more sweet chilli rice crackers please

Will plain rice crackers and a bottle of sweet chilli sauce do? It’s Co-op, I might need to improvise.

I’ve already solved this one

Not really, could you detour to Lidl please, ta.

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Yeah no worries.

Cover for me.

Only sensible answer so far.

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