I'm going to try and make the Thursday night thread

But it’s twenty past six so someone else might be doing the same thing right now…

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Anyway, work kicked off at half past four, and somehow the team I left about eight years ago still need me to fix their problems.All sorted now though.

Any plans for later? Anything good on the telly?

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He shoots. He scores.


Ahoy hoy


Bad day. Bad bad day.

Hoping film club and ice cream will make things better.


Sausage n mash n back to work dread.

What flavour please


currently smashing the soles of my feet into a lacrosse ball. feels bad / good.

A drinking night for me…with films and a McDonald’s :film_projector: :beer: :hamburger:


Ben & Jerry’s vegan brownie one

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Gonna watch my stock go down, read some more Gravity’s Rainbow (its a really big and impressive book and reading it makes me Very Important, cheers), eat soy salmon with sweet potatoes, have a beer (Pomona Island @Scout) and watch Dressed to Kill



This seems like odd behaviour

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Would like to finish season 2 of attack on titan tonight, making a veggie burger later for dinner. Have got the windows thrown open for some fresh air which I don’t do usually to keep the heat in, but it’s a balmy 11 degrees so why not

feels good after.

the ol’ myofascial release innit

Had a decent first full day with two bairns at home. Bit sleep deprived from a 4am feed but otherwise went pretty smoothly. Just had a pretty banging local Indian. Might have a wee beer when the first born heads to bed.


Evening all!

Reasonably productive day of work followed by finishing a level on Dishonoured and a deconstructed toady hole that was served with waffles (for reasons I’m not totally clear on).

We’re planning to watch Ocean’s 8 tonight.

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Gonna have risotto and carry on with Bridgerton

oooh the duke!! :eyes: :peach:

Gonna try and have a snooze before the football.

Home made Dishoom chilli chicken for dinner :yum: I also mirror glazed an entremet I made the other day (which is a chocolate mousse cake thing) and it went well but yet to see how it holds up as it defrosts and when I cut into it.

Too much work to do so will be working all evening and all weekend. Boo.

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Somehow managed to completely throw my back doing the bin. A bath with Epsom salts helped a bit, but I’m still moving like I’m 80. What a pathetic way to go.

Trying to motivate myself to shuffle to the shop to get some cat food for sir.