I'm going to try breathing solely through my nose today

Wish me luck



I get told to do this at Yoga. She says it keeps your body warm

Good luck with all those bogies

I’d die


how you getting on buddy!? not sure i’d make it

I normally stick on a jumper, but different strokes and all that

Going okay so far. Do wish my nose was slightly less congested but haven’t mouth breathed yet.

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How are you handling not speaking aloud at all

decongest for success

How is this going please?


It’s when I’m concentrating on something I’ll probably forget and start mouth breathing but it hasn’t happened yet

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How are you all normally breathing ?!

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Via farts

Still going strong. What’s interesting is if you breathe as though you’ve got your mouth open it seems like you get a better intake of air. As opposed to breathing like you’re sniffing something.

I’ve been doing this since. Reckon it’s gradually changing my life.