I'm gonna make the Thursday evening thread

Ooooh, this is annoying. 2 of the best tracks on Dos aren’t on Spotify

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Great to hear @rich-t :heart:

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Thanks man

Brilliante news, @rich-t :slight_smile:

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saints football applause GIF by New Orleans Saints


I’m bored.

Why do dogs sometimes wait til they come in from a walk to start bulleting about? Silly things

You not at home?

Don’t understand the question.

I’m at my parents, which I would still call home

Sounds like you understand perfectly!

I do the same tbf

I don’t understand how this could mean I couldnt be bored, or is that not what you meant?

Gonna change my Instagram profile pic for the first time since 2016 that’s how bored I am

Crocheting. Watching the last episode of Alice in Borderland. Drinking a Coke Zero like a boss.

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