I'm gunna make change, for once in my life

Made any conscious lifestyle changes recently. These can be as large or small as you like, and for any reasons.
I’ve been trying to cut out driving anywhere within reasonable walking/cycling distance. I’ve been a bit shit at this due to the weather but have cut down.
I’ve also stopped eating meat, had some fish at an anniversary meal out, and a thoughtless pork scratching at the pub, but other than that it’s gone very well.


I haven’t had a cigarette this year. I only really smoked when drinking, but something just clicked and now the idea makes me feel a bit ill?


Started drinking full fat milk instead of semi-skimmed.

Yes, this is a conscious lifestyle change.


How are you finding it? Always preferred whole with hot drinks but semi with cereal

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started keeping the tea towels on the oven handle and not on the little hooks I stuck on the side of the fridge (which were initially there for scissors).
Too early for any conclusive results

you don’t go BACK UP the milk ladder!? who goes back up?! madness

Why? What do you use the hooks for now?

Don’t take sugar in my coffee anymore
Squats everyday
No beer at home

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How high is your oven? Mine is floor level so this would mean the towels scrape the floor on every opening.

they have become redundant. Like an empty shop front

Loving it tbh. Really great with cereal imho. Only have the slightest of splashes in tea, and nothing in coffee.


a double oven I want to say is starts at about 3 ft up, so over handle around…4ish feet? I want to say this but would need confirming. Basically perfect

We’ve all got double ovens!

Double oven, havin a blast
Double oven, happened so fast


Started sitting in a different part of the couch when I’m in the flat. I became conscious that I’d only really used the one part (right hand side of the couch facing the TV) for the past few years, and I’ve now started using the left hand side instead. Whole new perspective going on.



I can’t handle change

I always sit on the same side of the sofa and my wife’s side has taken less of a battering because she’s smaller and doesn’t sit like an arse. I was wondering how to approach taking her side permanently… or at least until it becomes the more fucked side.

Sticking to notes and card payments, nice lifestyle change